03 janvier 2009

I feel like screaming

What does really makes us like someone?

Some searchers says that it some psychological tricks that makes us like the other only because he likes us.

Why are we always trying to reach those who just can't be reach?

I would say that it is because, at some point, we hope we will be the one able to reach that person. And if we do, we'll be so proud of us.

What is love?

Seems like it's just some king of self-esteem.

So why do I like you that much?

You who can make me feel so much pleasure
You who only wants me as your play girl but tries to spend the day with me after
You who can make me laugh
You that I can make laugh
You who caress my back when I cought so much that I can barely breath
You who holds me in your arm till daylight

Well, no matter what people say, love is still a mystery to me...

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