25 septembre 2008


Last night, i just finished listenning to the very popular tv show Sex and the city and i realised how much it was doing good to me. Seeing those girls having problems or a hard time, just like me, helped me see that i wasn't the only one in that situation so i'm just  gonna try to pay it foward.

If my stories can help you, then i'll be please with that. I'll also use this as a kind of diary as well so if it doesn't help you, it will help me. I'm questionning life a lot and don't always get an answer, a a right one!, so feel free to interact with me. I must not be the only one doing that so don't come only to tell it to me ;)

I hope you'll have a good time questionning with me or that you will just discover what you need in my thoughts. (I'm not saying that I know everything either, it's mostly the opposite! But who knows, I might help someone, not even trying to.)

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